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Milestone McLaren 600LT Marks 20,000th Car Produced AT MPC

May 24, 2019

McLaren is keeping an eye on quality and exclusivity, even as they experience exponential growth.

McLaren is celebrating a milestone for the McLaren Production Center in Woking, Surrey, England. Less than eight years after producing their first car at the location, the 20,000th car has been completed.

The milestone vehicle was a special car in its own right – a right hand drive 600LT Spider in Chicane Grey with a red interior. Its status as McLaren's 20,000th vehicle to be built at MPC will only add to its already impressive pedigree.

The very first car, a McLaren 12C, was produced on July 18, 2011, just 14 months after the ground was broken on the MPC site. McLaren's production has been steadily increasing since then.

In 2018, just over 4,800 cars were produced at the location. McLaren expects those numbers to hover around 5,000 cars per year for the next few years.

20,000th MPC McLaren 600LT Spider 20,000th MPC McLaren 600LT Spider

Maintaining a sustainable rate of production is a bit of a tightrope act for McLaren. More cars can mean more profit, but, perhaps in this segment more than any other, maintaining bespoke quality is of utmost importance.

Of further importance to McLaren is maintaining exclusivity. Sometime in the next decade, when McLaren increases production beyond 5,000 or so cars per year, don't expect it to increase much beyond 6,000.

In 2016, a second production shift was added to meet rising demand for McLaren supercars. With one shift, the McLaren Production Center could complete around 10 cars per day. After the addition of the second shift, that number rose beyond 20.

That's an impressive output considering that each car is hand-assembled by a team of experts. For the sake of comparison, a quick Google search reveals that Toyota builds roughly 13,400 cars per day, on average. That's a little less than three years of McLaren production in a single day. With numbers like that, we suppose that McLaren won't have to worry too much about exclusivity.

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