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McLaren 720S Spider By MSO Is Simply Stunning To Behold

Mar 12, 2019

The blue exterior accents are designed to mimic airflow over the supercar's surface.

McLaren’s in-house team already has some outstanding machines to work with. That doesn’t stop the folks at McLaren Special Operations from turning a fantastic supercar into something even better. This time around the bespoke treatment falls to the 720S Spider, which receives interesting tri-tone accents to select areas on the exterior. That work is mirrored with an updated interior as well, but in reality there's so much more involved than just that.

“Aerodynamic innovation is such an integral part of the 720S Spider that using this new paint design to highlight areas that work hard to manage how air flows over the car – literally how the car ‘breathes’ – was the natural approach to take,” said MSO Chief Designer Darryl Scriven. “This is a car that truly merges artistry with the science of aerodynamics.”

McLaren 720S Spider By MSO McLaren 720S Spider By MSO McLaren 720S Spider By MSO McLaren 720S Spider By MSO McLaren 720S Spider By MSO McLaren 720S Spider By MSO McLaren 720S Spider By MSO

In short, the blue hues ghosted into the Spider’s Meteorite Grey exterior – itself a new color available through MSO – are designed to provide a visual representation of airflow across the body. Looking closely, however, you’ll notice the blue accents aren’t strictly blue. The color is officially called Coriolis, and it’s a tri-tone shade comprised of Cerulean Blue, Burton Blue, and Abyss Black. Furthermore, MSO’s specialists spent over 260 hours applying the paint in a very specific manner to create the beautiful fades and transitions seen here.

There’s more blue inside this MSO-tweaked 720S, though the detail isn’t quite as drawn out. The interior trim is Burton Blue Alcantara, set against black leather and all kinds of carbon fiber. To that end, gloss carbon fiber can be found on various trim pieces outside the car as well. The wheels are also unique to this car, with the 10-spoke alloys getting a gloss black finish.

McLaren revealed the special 720S to crowds at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. Aside from showcasing the sheer artistry of the MSO specialists, the car serves as a reminder to potential McLaren customers that special touches such as this are available straight from the manufacturer. For a price, of course.

Source: McLaren

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