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First Thoughts and Analysis on McLaren F1's MCL35M

Feb 15, 2021

Orange you glad it's launch season?

To kick the 2021 Formula 1 season off, McLaren has pulled the robes off its papaya-draped MCL35M to begin the chain of unveilings due over the coming weeks. With it, the team has yielded the first clues to how each outfit will contend with improving last year's models for a new season.

Fittingly, it's the Woking team that has the most to do over the previous months in preparation for 2021. The second "M" in its chassis designation, of course, refers to the team's remarriage to Mercedes for its powertrain following dalliances with Honda and Renault, and so the chassis has had to be reworked to reflect that change. After all, one does not drop in an F1 powertrain at the last minute; every single component is one with the rest of the package.

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