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See The Flame-Shooting McLaren 765LT Inside and Out!

Jun 30, 2020

Who knew that interior portholes were a thing?

If you don’t know by know, the ‘LT’ moniker has established itself as the high-performance version of already high-performing McLarens, so the 765LT is the extra super version of the 720S supercar. Yes, the car that is taking over drag strips and making competitors looks like lead weights now has an even more powerful set-up. More specifically, it has more advanced carbon-fiber parts, new exhaust, and 755HP. It weighs less, rides lower, and shifts faster. Oh, and it shoots flames!

Now, the title of the video above is a tad misleading, as there is much more here than flames, and to be honest the flames are a minor part. The real bread and butter here is in the detailed footage of the 765LT inside and out. Seeing all the new carbon body parts up close produces deep appreciation. The artful design is just as remarkable inside the vehicle as well. The seats are ridiculous (in a good way) and there are plenty of 765LT logos to hammer home the fact that this car is very, very special.

How special is this car? Well so special that you must see the engine at all costs! When it comes to mid-engine cars it’s not uncommon to have a glass panel behind the drivers head that peers into the engine bay. But with engines getting lower to the ground, in addition to having more parts and tech installed, the view on many exotic cars is obfuscated. This is true not only from the perspective of a driver, but also from pedestrians looking through the back glass panel, if the supercar has one. Some convertibles eliminate a view of the engine altogether!

But not the McLaren 765LT! McLaren went out of their way to create a window behind the front seats that is angled in a way to provide the best view of the engine possible. It’s not perfect by any means, but it is surrounded by top-notch materials, and yet another 765LT insignia. So in case you forgot which car you are driving, just look behind you at the engine porthole! The creativity coming out of Woking is almost as impressive as the performance. I mean how can you not love the Senna, Speedtail, and of course this gorgeous 765LT?

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